Welcome to the new home of my cropping tool.

Cropper is a visual tool for Director which allows you to crop images directly in your movie’s cast libraries, while keeping their regPoints intact. You can also crop a button from it’s background, produce identically cropped On and Roll states, and drop it on the score for perfect positioning.

If you’ve ever spent hours in the Paint Window preparing buttons so they don’t jitter on rollover, or erasing unwanted areas of an image to keep its regPoint then you’ll know exactly why I made this.

Disclaimer: this utility works on my machine… theoretically it will work on yours, but I can’t guarantee it. Download and use it your own risk. Working on a backup is always advisable.

Download the source code for MAC (82K) or PC (86K).

See the Online Manual (the same text as the Read Me included in the download package)

Please email any comments, suggestions or bug reports to

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