Football’s Leaving Home revamp

Kick Off of The Ball 2002
Kick Off of The Ball 2002

I am so near to completing the hour-long cut of the Football’s Leaving Home movie that I can almost see it done… after two years of plugging away at the thing, I’m about ready to do something else. If only editing weren’t so compulsive…

Anyway, in the meantime, I’ve given the Football’s Leaving Home site a makeover and upgraded it’s blog from Greymatter to MovableType in readiness for the 2006 project kicking off. Which, given that we’re almost at half-time between World Cups, should happen pretty soon.

Bath Literature Festival goes live

Another day, another website… another happy client. The Bath Literature Festival website has recently gone live. Check it out – they have some really interesting events happening in March. Interesting if you like literature, I should add.

Next step: create the Bath Music Festival site. I’m becoming more and more enamoured with the PHP/MySQL combination. Not as much immediate interaction as technologies such as Flash, Director, and so on, but damn, it’s effective in making websites more than just brochures. Gotta love it.

CLAN First Birthday

So then, dear CLANsters, happy birthday!

Bristol Wireless Logo
Bristol Wireless Logo

From where I’m sitting, the CLAN looks very much like the rock’n’roll of wifi. Richard, you’ve gone and done a wonderful thing… a DIY WIFI LAN that belongs to its contributors.

And yesterday, a significant step forward for the LAN: The Chelsea is now a node! Pints and surfing! Warchalking on the pavement outside! Bringalongalaptop! It’s going to be an exciting summer of free radio…

The implications of this project send me into conceptual tilt-a-whirls and loop-de-loops – Richard, nomadic soul that he is, prefers to live his thoughts, while I can only think them.

Top of the Pops V2

The upgraded and expanded demo for the second TOTP CDROM.

Top of the Pops Version 2

Sadly, these two demos only stay online because Telepathy host them. The BBC seem to have kind of given up on TOTP’s interactive content, though I’ve heard that they are busy transferring their focus to interactive TV instead. Since CDROMs seem to have died a death as an entertainment medium, this is probably a wise move.

Shockwave Status:

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Top of the Pops V1

This is the first transfer of the Shockwave movies which used to be on my Flowmotion site.

Top of the Pops Version 1

The first TOTP CDROM was my first major interactive project – I spent six months of my life getting my head round the quirks and intricacies of Director to program it. A six month spell of working in India followed, as a means of rekindling my creative energies.

Still, winning the Macromedia UCON Best Entertainment CDROM award kind of compensated for all the heart- (and head-) aches. Now that Nigel and Sarah are leaving to spend the next few years on tropical beaches, I wonder what will become of the beautiful plastic award that used to sit on the shelf in the Telepathy toilets?

Shockwave Status:

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