He turns quickly, raising the material in front of his face so that he is protected from seeing his reflection in the mirror. He walks over to it, and covers it, noticing only the reflection of the screen through the cloth. He turns toward the screen, goes and sits down, and picks up the remote control.

He tries once more to immerse himself in the screen, but it remains stubbornly inactive. In despair, he holds his head in his hands. At this point, the objective camera moves round to face P. As he raises his head, the viewer sees his face for the first time. His identity is revealed. But not only has P's identity been revealed, but so has that of the 'objective' camera, which, it transpires, is also himself, his alter-ego, his doppelganger.

A screenshot of the resolution

The film ends with this internal confrontation (shown above) as it began with the similar external shots in the street scene. The narrative has come full circle; the story is complete.

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