Exploratory Scene

Exploratory Scene Photo
Exploratory Scene Photo

This scene - set in a science park - is about childhood, curiosity and discovery. P is confronted by objects which indistinctly reflect his image, and only in part. There are interplays between the cameras such that the viewer gets fleeting glimpses of P's face. The theme is of the twinning of a person and their reflection, and the resultant self-discovery.

The location is continuously suggesting to the protagonist that there is an 'other' to whom he is connected. He is drawn towards them, but always finds the connection only partial, as when he is asked to 'shake hands with himself' (above left).

As he approaches the exit, he begins to become aware of his own reflection, and knocks a crate into the objective camera's path. The sound of children's voices rises to a scream as he approaches the door.