Opening Scene

RAC Scene Photo
RAC Scene Photo

The film opens with both viewpoints showing similar scenes. The viewer is unsure which perception is which. One camera scans the scene in search of something, while the other moves purposefully forwards. The ambiguity of the camera identities is resolved when the character enters the objective camera's frame. From this moment on, the cameras maintain their relative positions, allowing the edits to occur in a way that corresponds to traditional editing language.

Bystanders go about their business, at ease with their surroundings and with the technologies which they are busy using. The protagonist moves against the flow of people that he encounters, afraid to make eye contact, and with a sense of alienation. He is so unaware of his surroundings that when he crashes headlong into a couple who are standing in his way, he does not even pause to look around.

Instead he hurries onwards, followed by the objective camera. He leaves the scene (as he does with all the following location scenes) by exiting through a door. The scene dissolves to the protagonist sitting in his room.