Club Scene

Club Scene Photo
Club Scene Photo

This scene is perhaps the most disorientating, both in sound and in vision. There are prolonged periods where the cameras 'lose' each other, during which edits become more like montage in style. The viewer loses certainty as to which perception they are watching, and there are only brief moments when the relationship is re-established for the viewer to reorientate themselves.

Clubs are often places where people go to meet others, to 'pair up', so to speak. They are also intense places; hot, with flashing lights and loud music. It is appropriate that the 'objective' camera loses some of its objectivity through losing sight of P.

P is himself overwhelmed by the atmosphere, and the chatter and music echo around in his head. He destructively breaks up a pair of dancers in his blind haste to get through the dancefloor area. He is again shown as 'different', alienated and disconnected.